Tuesday, June 30, 2009

1 July 09

Pic taken on 5 May - Im sure his dent is getting deeper and more pronounced. Perhaps the swelling of the soft tissue was filling in the dent before and now that the swelling has gone the dent looks very ... dented.

Sprat had xrays last week and they have been sent to a specialist vet in South Auckland. He only has one ventril airway that is undamaged and everything else is squashed. I hope they can do something for him. A friend is taking a horse down there in a few weeks so if there is anything they can do then Sprat and I will hitch a ride down and have him looked at.

He is going really well. He has been helping me with a young horse thats ready to be broken in (actually already has been backed but not very well!!). The young horse is scared of the saddle blanket and the rope, so Sprat has been playing with him in the yards while wearing a sack on his head and neck and tossing it around the place to show him that its nothing to be scared of. At first it took 10 minutes to get the sack even near the young horse, now I can walk straight up to him with it and throw it on. Sprat is a horse-whisperer!!!!

Sprat isnt too keen on the truck though. Its been a bit of a mission getting him to even step on the ramp. My ramp is quite steep though so maybe he would be better with a lower ramp ...

He wasnt even keen to get on there to see his best mate. Its a bit tricky when he cant wear a halter and is really a two-man job. I will have to see if I can get someone to help me.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that the vet looks at the xrays and pics and says "oh yeah that will be easy, we do them all the time, just bring him on down and we can fix it overnight and he will be a normal horse"