Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sprats Homecoming 8 Dec 08

Last year I bought a QH stallion called Samson. He is awesome to ride and handle but when my hormonal mare got wind of him she turned into psycho-horse. Also I found alot of events up here (in the boondocks) dont allow stallions . . . so I had him gelded. Once I got to know him I regretted not getting a foal from him as he is the cruisiest boy.

I was so excited to see a mare that he had served for sale with her 9wk old pally colt (by my Samson) for sale so I bought them.

As you can see she wasnt in the best condition!!
A friend and I did a 12 hour round trip to go and collect them (thanks heaps Belinda!) - we brought them back to my place, and put them in their very own paddock. There wasnt much grass in there as they hadnt seen any for a while and I didnt want to shock their poor systems too much!

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