Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week two 21 December 08

I had the equine dentist out the other day and Manks and Samson had their teeth done. Surprisingly Manks' teeth were really good. They hadnt been done for a couple of years apparently but she says that at some stage they were well maintained. Samsons Teeth were a different story. She said they have been overdone with power-tools at some stage and are all smoothed off. The molars dont even meet so he has trouble grinding his food. That could explain his Diarrhoea problem! She did a bit of a fix up by taking his insicors down lower so that the molars could meet. Its been putting a strain on his [temporal mandible?] and he is quite sore in the joint by his temple.

Sprat is healing well and looks like he will hardly have a scar. He has been having oral antibiotics all week to keep infection away and has had no problems. I spoke to the vet on Tuesday as I was very concerned about him having trouble breathing. She said that his face was crushed inwards and it could be restricting the nasal passage and I should just wait and see. Its really heartbreaking listening to him breathing though. The wound has knitted together and the air is no longer coming out of his face, but I worry that he may not be getting enough air through the restricted nasal passage.

The dentist had a look at him and said that there is enough air getting through so that he isnt gasping and that I should wait until the wound heals and the swelling goes down and see how he is then. So its just a waiting game for now.

He is being very friendly and no longer thinks Im the antichrist. When he sees me he comes trotting over for a scratch and a cuddle (actually I think he is looking for food - but I can kid myself that its really me he loves!!)

I filmed him this morning and you can hear his wheezy breathing if you listen carefully . .. .

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