Sunday, January 11, 2009

11 January 09

(his off fore isnt really broken or crooked, he is just standing funny)

Well alot has been going on. Sprat has had his stitches out and has been gelded. He was getting a bit keen on his paddock mates and kept trying to jump on them, and both testes had descended, so I thought I may as well have him sedated and get the stitches out and his testes removed at the same time. He has recovered well. They were about 1/10th the size of his Daddys!!

His face has healed but it will leave an impressive scar. His breathing is a bit raspy and the vet says that his nasal cavity can be drilled out when he is older if its a problem. The only thing is that they drill away the bone and leave a hole that is only covered by skin . . I dont really like the idea of that . ..

He really is turning into a darling little boy and a real showoff! He has lovely movement and a great temperament. He is always the first one to come over for a big cuddle and a scratch. All of the other horses adore him and really look after him.

Manks is looking great too. I have had the saddle on her and she seemed happy enough. I lunged her for a little while and she was fine. Im not sure if she is broken in or not but I will get on her when somebody else is around, so I guess I will soon find out!! Sprat is three and a half months old now so I will give him another 6-8 weeks on her and then wean him and find Manks a new home. She is such an easy girl to have around and I think would naturally be a good doer, and at only 10yrs old I think she still has alot to offer someone. She seems to be quite worldly and pretty bombproof - so I dont think she has spent all her years in the broodmare paddock. Will keep you posted!

Oh and just because I can . . . here is a clip of Sprat playing fetch with his favourite toy. He doesnt play with his expensive foal-ball, but he loves carrying around pieces of wood! This was last week before the stitches came out.

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